Hi there Cyber-Pals!  Loretta St.John here with some news about the Las Vegas restaurant scene.  Bored with the “same-o-same-o”?   Want a truly different dining experience?   Then pop in to CAPO'S…. reservations suggested.
  Upon entering, you’ll find yourself enclosed in a small, dark foyer in which there is seemingly no way out. Ring the bell on the wall and a small window will open. You will probably see the handsome face of Dominick Santucci…. from Chicago no less! Then, a door magically opens and you’ll find yourself face to face with Al Capone… well, his photo that is... (a very LARGE one), which is displayed prominently on the opposite wall.

The décor is “early Speakeasy” with an open beam ceiling that adds ambience and lends warmth to the room. The lighting is soft and subdued (very flattering for us ladies!) It generates a feeling of having dinner in a private home. There’s a small stage to the left on the back wall, with candle sconces on the wall and red flocked velvet curtains. Curtained booths line one wall where you can dine “incognito”…. very cozy.

There’s a cool bar area where you can order a house-specialty drink, such as “Kiss of Death Martini” or the “Made Man Melon Martini” (Watermelon Vodka, Watermelon Pucker with lemonade).   You can even have your dinner served there if you’re in the mood, or maybe one of their interesting appetizers….”Mafioso Caprese”…or Chicago’s Thin and Crispy Pizza (garlic white with ricotta, mozzarella, brucetta tomato – or with Italian Sausage (is there any  other kind?????) and Marinara Sauce…

During the evening you’ll be serenaded by Bobby Ligouri, who will be singing Sinatra or Dean Martin tunes.  And, if you happen to be celebrating your birthday (which I was on that particular evening), Bobby will sing Happy Birthday to you at your table!
 And the food!  Ah, the FOOD!  The Caesar’s salad was crisp and cold, just like I like it. The dressing was rich, with a nice garlic flavor, but not too garlicy.  (My Grandmom used to say “Effa you don’ta lika aglio (garlic), go home!”)  I had the “One-Half Gotti’s Garlic Roasted Chicken” which was moist, herbed, and cooked to perfection, served with baby asparagus and a side of the pasta of your choice. Very tasty!

My dining partner had “Mad Sam Manicotti” – fried eggplant stuffed with ricotta and prosciutto, covered with “Capo’s Cheese” and baked in tomato sauce.That was outrageous!

We found the prices quite reasonable and enjoyed the “Godfather’s Filet” and “Made Man Pasta”, which came with a house salad or soup of the day, bread and butter (they offered us olive oil and balsamic vinegar too, which we preferred.)

And of course don’t forget dessert!  We had “Jimmy Two-Times Tiramisu- Tiramisu” (THAT’S NOT A TYPO!), and “Leo’s Lips Lava Cake”- an explosion of chocolate with vanilla ice cream!

I found CAPO'S to be really enjoyable. The wait-staff was competent and friendly!  Nico Santucci has succeeded in making this restaurant a delicious and  fun experience!

You should go. Soon. Before somebody bumps you off!
 And tell ‘em Loretta sentcha!