Over the years, many a man has come to Las Vegas with entrepreneurial dreams: the grand plan of doing things their own way, living their dreams, and becoming impossibly rich and famous. Of those men, 99% have been chewed up, spit out, and sent packing with no money and their tails tucked between their legs, humbled by my great city. It takes enormous drive, an indefatigable spirit, and a shit ton of testicular fortitude to make it here. And if you happen to have a big personality to go with it, let’s say you have “chance.”

I have known Nico Santucci personally for nearly five years and have done business with him on a couple of occasions. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he has everything it takes to succeed here – or wherever he plants his flag. Don’t believe me? I sat down with Nico and talked about what he has done in Vegas and what he has planned for the future. When you’re done reading, I think you will agree. Enjoy!

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Check out Nico’s various businesses at and be sure to try the best meatballs in Vegas at: Capo’s 5675 W. Sahara Las Vegas NV 89146.
For reservations call: 702-364-2276.

Article by Eddie Rivkin for StripLV Magazine