When you first arrive at the restaurant, you can see a lighted sign advertising it, but finding the actual entrance might require some head scratching and a couple of loops around the building.

They did a pretty good job of camouflaging the door, but eventually you will recognize it by the large letter C written on it.

Once there, you have to ring the doorbell: it’s all certainly very speakeasy-style. A suit- wearing “mob guy” appears and through a sliding opening asks you what the hell you want here. All rough and discourteous, he attempts to make a rather alarming impression. If it was real I would have probably been slightly concerned, but since it’s just pretend and obviously merely a part of the experience, his gruff demeanor entertained me so much I couldn’t stop giggling. He scolded us for not having a reservation, but grudgingly let us in anyway. Just imagine a job where you have to be rude to annoying patrons for a living: sounds absolutely heavenly to me. Where do I apply??? No seriously, please send me a form as soon as you have an opening! Anyway, once we were inside he turned a lot kinder (much to my disappointment, I was really enjoying the whole act, happily expecting more insults) and told us he’ll be able to get us a table in about 15 minutes. We had a good look at the open kitchen, where gigantic steaks were being prepared (a family of four could probably make a good meal out of just the one, with the dog sustaining itself on the leftovers). Afterwards we got a drink and waited at the really nice, well-stocked bar, soaking in the atmosphere of this remarkable establishment.

Well, all I can tell you is that if you love things slightly out of the ordinary, this will be a magnificent treat. The place just explodes at you with sensual overkill in the form of red leather seats, dark furniture, as well as velvet and wood-covered walls.

Decorations consist of numerous mirrors (those make the room look more multidimensional and intriguing) and black/white pictures with gangster motives on the wall. I know that most restaurants, especially those aspiring to be romantic, will feature quite discreet lighting, but I sure have never seen anything like this! The interior is kept very, very murky, perfectly complementing the whole mafia joint scenario. The only light comes from heavily dimmed chandeliers and candles. In fact, they actually provide you with little flashlights attached to the menu, so that you can read it at all. Otherwise, relying solely on the staff suggestions, you would probably be feasting on hacked-up Johnny Balboni with a side of penne (house specialty), a rival gang member processed in the kitchen in order to efficiently dispose of the body. Currently pretending to be pork meatballs and eagerly recommended by all the waiters. Yeah, the guy was fat and it’s not easy to peddle so many fudging meatballs, now is it? Oh come on, let’s have some fun, please just humor me and pretend to go along with this :-)!

The seating options consist of regular tables in the middle of the room and cozy, plush booths on the sides. We had the good fortune to be assigned to one of those and loved the comfort it offered: you did not sink or slide in it at all.
Our enjoyment level only rose when the performing singer (big- band/Frank Sinatra sort of repertory, really rather good) came to our table and commenced to ardently serenade me. He walks around the room every once in a while and sings directly to the assorted ladies. The ambience definitely evokes some serious amorous inclination: it’s all quite fancy and sophisticated, elegant in this old-fashioned, nostalgic manner so hard to capture convincingly.

Here you can leave your every-day life behind for a few hours and transform yourself into Lola Mancini, a showgirl and mistress to a powerful gangster. A seductive femme-fatale, gorgeous and as dangerous as her intimidating companion. We absolutely adored the whole concept and relished every little aspect of the set-up. I’ve also noticed that a lot of the guests dress up to visit this venue, which only enhanced my already excellent mood. I personally find it quite frustrating how horribly most people dress here in Vegas. A stained T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops are fine clothes to clean up somebody’s yard in, but unfortunately do not count as classy evening attire! Capo’s definitely specializes in the traditional Italian fare as far as the culinary side goes, only more refined than you would encounter at your corner restaurant.
The salads we ordered were both delicious, so was the spicy and flavorful appetizer (mushrooms baked with cheese), but the veal turned out to be a little too chewy for my preferences. And if you are currently on a diet, please be prepared to throw it to the wind for one evening, because they do not cater here to the calorie-conscious and you will just be depriving yourself! The portions could certainly not be described as stingy: I was so stuffed by the time my main course arrived that I had to ask them to box it up.
The service was lovely: our waitress did not only score high in the beauty department, but in the competence and charm ones as well. She played a significant role in making our already perfect date-night even better. For my closing remarks: the place really did appear to be packed, I can see how they would expect you to have a reservation. Even though they were super nice about it and managed to squeeze us in, I still would not recommend going that route. Also when you consider the unique experience sold here, the money you spend could be viewed as an excellent investment, if not a bargain. Last but not least: for those of you who have seen my picture (homepage), I might look like a blond sweetie, much into things pink and fluffy (which I am), but surprisingly enough I have always displayed a disturbing fascination with the mafia world. Movies, series, books, you name it: absolutely love them! Needless to say dining at Capo’s made me positively giddy with delight and I can’t wait to repeat this highly amusing evening at the first opportunity. Therefore, if you are a fellow gangster fanatic, you should splurge as soon as you can. I cannot imagine a more awesome attraction combo for any organized crime zealot (watching it on the silver screen that is, not actually committing it) than dinner at Capo’s! Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures, but the restaurant was so dark it proved very difficult to take a decent photo. I had to use a very powerful flash, which unfortunately made everything appear kind of washed-out... The room looks much, much better in reality!

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Visit: 5675 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV
Visit: 5675 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV
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Visit: 5675 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas  NV
Visit: 5675 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV
Visit: 5675 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV
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