Nico Santucci Joey Joey Joey ...... You lived by by your own rules..... With more dignity and respect than most..... Were true to your friends and family, but most of all true to yourself. Real people are so hard to come by, and when they do they last forever in my life, and that's where I place you, forever in my heart and in my mind.

So many great things you possessed. Anyone who knew you knows exactly what I'm talking about. You added life to my life and my restaurant. There will NEVER be another Joey. Nor would I want to replace you in my mind and heart..... I'm sure you're running things in the big house now and doin it with your smile and infectious laugh..... I'll see you again and I'm hopeful you'll open my door just one more time.....
I love you Joey.....
Madeline Perrone Nico, my father loved you and that restaurant so much. He will be there to open your door again. He will always be around, just look for him. Thank you for loving my dad so much.

Nico Santucci He earned every bit of it....... He loved you more than you can ever imagine..... You're blessed.

Mike Schafer Joey I took this photo of you outside Capo's one night. You epitomized the essence of what Capo's meant. I had so many amazing times with you hanging out there and watching our Chicago Bears at Nico Santucci' s palace. I will truly miss you my friend.

Heather Green What a loss for Capo's Restaurant. Condolences to Joey's family & friends who loved him so. Heartfelt words, Nico Santucci.

Gregg Giomi Our Good friend & Family member "Joe Perone" passed away Monday morning. Joe will be Dearly missed! He brought a smile and laughter to ALL that knew him. Rest in Peace with The Lord, My friend!   We will be having a Memorial for him here at Capo's Speakeasy.
As soon as I have the details, I will post and contact everybody. GOD Bless.

Leslie Robinson Sorry 'for your loss Nico, obvious you cared alot for your friend.

Maribeth Jalepes I'm very sorry for the loss of your dear friend. RIP Joey and prayers for all.


Angela Anderson I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Nico Santucci! He sounded like he had a wonderfully sincere soul and after knowing you for the past 15 years I can tell from your comments that you not only liked him as a person but you respected him professionally and personally which is huge in your book! My thoughts are with his family and friends.…

Cody Starrett Goosebumps don't lie... Sorry for your lose

Gaby Graf Rip. Good bless his family

Dave Ziemer Sorry to hear Nico Santucci!

Priti Patel I'm so sorry about your loss Nico Santucci. My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend. God bless.

Jonathan Warren I won't recognize Nico's ride without Joey first getting out and scanning the environs before opening that door. One of the great local personalities known to LV insiders, Joey was always great to me and mine. Heartfelt condolences from Paulina, myself and everyone at the Consulate of Monaco to his family and to you, Nico. Your sentry will always be near.

Mike Ansbach My condolences brother.

Dominick Santucci Joey was CAPOS during his time here, there was none like him!! He will be missed! FUGGETTABOUITT

Yvette Lopez I'm sorry Nico Santucci

Colleen Gemini So sorry to hear....prayers and hugs to his family and friends.

Cristine E. Terrazas I'm sorry to hear about your friend who was like a brother too you. He must have been a special person. May he rest on peace.

Kim Greene R.I.P Joey our thoughts & prayers

Adalisa 'Lisa' Frazzini Sorry for your loss

Lisa Tobias Nico, Thank you for being such a great friend to Joe as you know it was hard not to be... He was a very unique loyal human being who cared so much for others.. He definitely was 1 of a kind.. A gem in the rough... I know He thought the world of you.. The dedication to Him was so respectful and would have made Him smile, so Thank You from the bottom of my heart ... Graciously Lisa

RaeAnn Iozzo Sorry Nico he's in a better place

Michelle Aspecialevent Wow I'm so shocked and you have lost a amazing brother. I'm sorry

Ausilia Pasqua So sorry for your loss

Gordie Brown I'm SO sorry Nico... I just read your heartfelt post. Very sad to hear Joey's gone. I love you brother. Hugs.

Linda Metzler- Youngs So sorry for your loss Nico. May God bless you and his family and friends.

Ruth Fung What a beautiful tribute, Nico. This is very sad news indeed. I am sorry for your loss; I know you cared about Joey a lot. And Joey was a legend at your restaurant. He will truly be missed. My sincere condolences to you and all of Joey's friends and family.

Candace Ravelle RIP Joey

Sue Brown Sorry to hear of your loss Nico. Prayers and condolences go out to you and his family.

Summer Berlinger So very sorry for you Loss Nico Santucci

JR Gennuso Sorry to hear of your loss Nico Santucci, gods speed to your friend and may he find rest in paradise!!!

Cathy Hougaard Oh no. Sorry honey ......

John Aucoin Nico sorry for your loss. He was a great Host!!!

Bebe Bargas My deepest condolences to you, and his family.

Judith Coleman Oh Nico, I am so very sorry for your loss. God speed.

Patrizia Klarisa Pinos You have a beautiful heart for writing something so heartfelt. What a good soul. May you have one loving and powerful angel through him.

Craig Bergonzoni I'm sorry to hear the news. My condolences to his friends, family and Capo's.

Eileen Bonfiglio-Bigelow Very sorry to hear this. Beautifully said words