The Vegas you know and love is the Vegas you know and love for a reason.

But every now and again it would be nice to get off the Strip for a couple of hours and do things up old-school Vegas-style.

Here to reincarnate the city's own shady history is Capo's Italian Cuisine, a Mafioso-style resto with a few tricks up its sleeve. While the original Capo's dates back to 1964, its newest location hearkens back to a classier era—when dining out meant bootleg martinis, still-bloody steaks and a little vintage vice.

Like any self-respecting speakeasy, Capo's keeps a quiet front—venture off the Strip and duck through the hidden entry to find your way in. After your first bottle of Barbaresco, leave your red leather banquette behind for an adjourning card room, and settle in for a few rounds of poker (and a few more of grappa). Or seek out the giant visage of Al Capone, push aside the portrait and you'll unveil a door guarding the hidden Roulette Room, for gamblers in the know...or those who play with a bit more discretion.
If Vito asks: you didn't hear it from us.

Source: Urban Daddy