Prepare yourselves...
The Magic of V: An Evening of Illusion, Up Close & Intimate

In the tradition of The Magic Castle, comes a new type of magic experience to Las Vegas! While there are plenty of magic shows that are spectacular and big, we have a show that is as intimate and special as sitting in the living-room of a great illusionist.The magician, known only as "V." will be presenting this unique show 4 nights a week,Thursday through Sunday, at 9:30pm.

Considered by many in the magic community as one of the best underground sleight-of-hand artists, V is exclusive to Capo’s Restaurant  Speakeasy. With over 30 years of experience and study, you will see classics of magic that are thousands of years old, alongside new effects that won't be seen anywhere but at our show. What you won't see are "big box" tricks, tigers, and lots of dancing.

"This show is the way magic should be seen: close up and intimate. My suggestion is to go see Copperfield at 7:00, enjoy the show --because he's a legend, then come out and see our show at 9:30. You will see great magic at both shows, but a completely different experience..." says V.

The show is heavy in audience participation. The section on mind-reading will have you believing in psychic phenomena, even though V will openly talk about how it is all a trick... exposing some of the top "psychics" and their methods to take advantage of the public. It is a celebration of an art-from that can sometimes be maligned as "kid's stuff".

This exceptional show will have a limited run with reservations only...strictly 40 people per night, no more...to keep the intimate nature of the performance. Join us for an unforgettable experience you can’t find anywhere else in Vegas!